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Plato 300

Plato 300

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In the rainy season, theproblem of water logging is very common. It is often natural to havedifferent species of mosquitoes in this water. Aedes mosquitoes alsoflourish in such stagnant water that is carriers of dengue virus.With their saliva, dengue virus enters in human blood stream.        

Dengue viruses damage thecell membrane of specific cells found in blood known as"Platelets".Subsequently platelets begin to break. Asa result, the number of platelets in the blood starts reducing. Thework of platelets is to maintain blood thickness and its clotting.When platelets get reduced, the blood becomes diluted, which canendanger the patient's life. Thats why, Dengue is considered to besuch a dangerous disease.
Medicinal Properties of Plato300
           Plato 300 is a helpful medicine for platelets. It has been producedfrom the papaya leaf, Giloy and Tulsi s standardized extract. It hasbeen proven in modern studies that active ingredients
           Flavonoidesfound in papaya leaves, protect the cell membrane ofplatelets from breaking down.Since the breakdown process is slow andplatelets are formed naturally in the bone marrow, there is anincrease in the number of platelets in the blood soon.
           The best time of its consumption is from July to December. Thosepeople whose immunity is weak and they become ill again and again,they must consume the Plato300 daily. Before taking this medicine,especially (in children), take the advice of the physician.
Featuresof Plato 300
           It is made from Papaya leaf, Giloy stem and Tulsi's standardizedextract. Extracts of papaya leaf is standardized up to 2.00%Flavonoides, Giloy Extract is standardized up to 5.00%bitter.
           Using standard extracts of drugs,each batch produces the samestandard quality product and results are also bestserved.
Dosage:1 to 2 Tablet twice a day with water or as directed by thePhysician.
Packing: 60 200 1000 Tabs
Special advice:Contaminated water, Outdoor meals, Ice cream, Cold drinks,Refrigerated water should not be taken. Do not eat any fruits orvegetables without washing it. Wear full clothes and keep the bodycovered.


Each uncoated tablet contains


Botanical Name


Papaya Ext.

Carica papaya


Giloy Ext.

Tinospora cordifolia


Tulsi Ext.

Ocimum sanctum




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